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Our Technology, ODM& ODM Service of the Goggles
Our Technology, ODM& ODM Service of the Goggles

Check more details about the magnetic ski goggles:

Magnetic ski goggles

Check the lock magnetic ski goggles:

Lock magnetic ski goggles

Our company is focus on the high technology and our aim is make the good quality and competitive product.

Design: We have different kinds of goggles,frame goggles, frameless goggles and magnetic ski goggles. All of the goggles with double anti-fog lens and the ventilation system with different ventilation styles.

TPU frame: All the goggles with TPU frame. TPU frame is hard and flexible. TPU is the high performance materials and protective performance.

Strap: The strap is adjustable and fitted with the anti-slip silicone. It is fitted well with ski helmet!

Magnetic system: Some models with magnetic system, it is easy to interchange the lens.

Lock system: Some models with lock system, it can assem the lens and frame tightly. Also it is decoration.

The lens: The lens we use the especial technology to make the lens with high high-performance. The lens has many characteristic: basically, anti-fog, scratch proof and ultraviolet-proof, and important point is cold-proof in extreme weather

If you want to know more about the details of ski goggles lenses, kindly check from this page

OEM and ODM: 

We are the supplier about the sports glasses, ski goggles and motorcycle goggles.

For the ski goggles, we can ODM and OEM for our customers.

You can choose different frame, we will make according to your requirements.
If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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