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Sport bluetooth headband

Sport bluetooth headband

When we climbing, riding or running outdoor, we will sweat. The bluetooth headband will help us a lot because it is not only can keep us warm but also it is a good adornment. 

For the headband, the original use is fixed the hair, prevent hair from covering our eyes.The appearance of the headband is delicate and soft. Good air permeability, absorption of sweat. When we doing sports, not only indoor sport or outdoor sport, we can wear the headband.

The special function of the bluetooth headband, it is like a heaphone, when we doing sports, we can pink up the phone call and also we can enjoy the music when we are doing sports. In addtion, using during sleep, you can avoid the sharp, hard, protruding and squeezed ears caused by ordinary earphones. Its soft fabric and ring shape make it almost invisible when you lie in bed with it. 

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