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Let's go ski!

When we ski, I suggest you to wear the cloth which waterproof especially the children because this cloth will keep you warm and proetct your body. Many people wear the jeans but it is not good enough.  The jeans will close-fitting, when you ski, you will feel not comfortable. And also the jeans is not suitable for sport. If you wear the cloth which not warm enough, you will feel very cold outdoor, and you legs will keep shaking, pleaes remember, keep warm is very important for us!

It is better not rent the ski goggles from the ski resort. Because the snow goggles from ski restort will be very cheap, the price and the quality, the ski goggles only with windbreak function and reduce the boost light. It can not protect your eye very well. It will decrease in the brightness of the light causes the pupils to dilate when we wear these ski goggles. It is better that you buy a good ski goggles for yourselves. Now there is new style magnetic ski goggles with lens interchanged fucntion. Also you can choose the Full REVO lens. This kind of lens will protect our eyes very well!

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