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Know more about riding

Know more about riding

When I walking on the street, I can always see the people who riding with professional exercise bikes and wearing specially equipped clothes. Nowadays, more and more people choose to exercise by bicycle. I believe that many people going to say that riding a bike to work every day is the same as riding a bike to as doing exercise. They the same, but I don't think so, it is supposed a little bit different. Mountain bikes will have better effects in the face of complex road surface, and the requirements on the road surface will not be too high, while road bikes or field bikes will have higher requirements on the road and field. And the riding equipment should not be miseed. If it's a short trip and the road is relatively flat, just a ordinary bike will be ok. If it is a long journey, it is best to wear professional cycling clothes. A helmet is an essential part of equipment. It can protect your head from injury or minimize injury if you fall. It just like when we skiing, we need to wear the wholesale snow helmet. The riding gloves is also important. It is very different from ordinary gloves, in the palm and the back of the hand joints lined with rubber, to prevent slip and shock absorption. The goggles, we need to wear the goggles. When riding, if there is a foreign object flying into the eye, is very dangerous. But a pair of motorcycle sunglasses will be good for us.

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