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Winter's Sport

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Author : Erin
Update time : 2022-03-23 10:54:16
It is the season of skiing again, skiing is an exciting and challenging ice and snow sport. In the silver-clad world, wearing bright ski caps, holding snow poles and pedaling snowboards on the snow is so fascinating. Under the blue sky and white clouds, wearing bright ski suits and chic Sunglasses, posing in a dynamic posture, slid down the mountain quickly, the cold wind whizzed in the ear, the white snow glistened in the sun, the fresh air, the happy laughter; the body danced on the snowy mountain, and the mood also changed. Flying in the sun; forgetting pain, forgetting trouble, even forgetting fatigue, forgetting time.

For those who really love skiing, they like speed and excitement, the beauty in sliding, or the sense of achievement in conquering nature. Yes, these are all things that can be deeply experienced and learned during the skiing process. When you stand on top of a snow-capped mountain and the flying snow blurs your vision, the distant scenery forms a beautiful painting. When you face the unknown snow road, when you fly down from hesitation to overcome fear, and look back at the whole snow-capped mountain at the bottom of the slope, you will get a sense of satisfaction that you have never had before. When the dazzling sun shines on the white snow and pine trees, you can do whatever you want in an elegant grand maneuver. At this time, the snow field is your dance field.
The process of skiing can also be a process of making friends, making skiing routes with ski enthusiasts, encouraging and helping each other in the face of unfamiliar slides. If it is the opposite sex, it is even more interesting. One after the other, you chase me in the blue sky and white snow. This situation can definitely become a good memory.

The benefits of winter skiing

1. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

Skiing is an aerobic exercise. In winter skiing, people exercise in the cold air outdoors, which is a greater challenge to the body's oxygen transport system, and can also virtually exercise the ability of cardiovascular contraction and expansion, which can enhance cardiopulmonary function.

2. Relieve "Winter Depression"

In winter, some people will become melancholy, depressed, easily fatigued, distracted, and reduce work efficiency. Experts call it "winter depression". People who work indoors all the year round, especially those mental workers who have poor physical fitness or rarely participate in physical exercise, and those who are usually more sensitive to cold, are more likely to have "winter depression" than the average person. The most basic way to change a depressed mood is activity, and outdoor skiing in winter is the right medicine.

Notes on skiing

Beginners must first practice on a flat field with a short distance and a small slope. After repeated practice and improvement, it gradually transitions to the field with long distance, large slope and fast speed.

1. You should carefully understand the height, width, length, slope and direction of the ski run. Since alpine skiing is a high-speed sport, it seems that far away places are in front of you in the blink of an eye. Skiers do not know the conditions of the ski slopes in advance. Once an accident occurs during the skiing, it is too late to respond. One point is especially important for beginners.

2. According to your own level, you should choose the ski trail that suits you. You must not overestimate your own level and act rashly. It is better to hire a ski instructor.

3. If you are not sure about the situation ahead, or feel that the ski equipment is abnormal, you should stop and check, and do not take risks.

4. When sliding together, you must keep a distance from each other, and you must not slide down quickly to catch up with your companions, it is easy to fall or collide with others, and beginners are prone to such accidents.

5.The skier should wear the cool snowboard goggles, ski helmet, ski glove and the ski cloth because we need to protect ourselves with full gear, the ski equipment will be more important when we skiing. Because wear the light transmission ski goggles and extra large ski helmet will protect our eyes and head.

According to your own level to choose the right ski trail for you, must not overestimate your own level and act rashly, to step by step, it is best to hire a ski instructor.
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