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What kinds of sport we can do in the winter?

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2020-07-30 10:59:05
Jogging can be said to be the most suitable aerobic exercise in winter. It can not only effectively stimulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, but also increase energy consumption in the body. Jogging can choose to run in the morning or at night or in the afternoon, but every time you want to achieve the effect, you must exercise for more than 30 minutes. The more sweating, the better the slimming effect.
In fact, the climate in winter is relatively dry. It is not advisable to go out for a morning run too early or too late. If you are running in the morning in winter, you can choose a short period of time between 7:3 and 8:1. In addition, pay special attention to keeping warm when running at night in winter, because the temperature is lower at 8 or 9 o'clock in the winter. When people are running, blood flows to the limbs to increase the temperature. At this time, if the cool breeze is blown, it is easy to catch a cold. Therefore, it is best to bring a sweat towel when running at night in winter to dry the sweat on the body surface in time. Besides, running in the cold air at night in winter can also stimulate the heart and lungs and cause discomfort.

It can be seen that the best choice for winter jogging is three or four o'clock in the afternoon. On the one hand, during this period of time, the temperature is comfortable and human body functions are at a high level. At this time, exercise can exert a good effect; on the other hand, for winter, running at three or four in the afternoon is indeed safer than running at night or morning, healthier.

And also, skiing is one of the best sport in the winter. But please wear the skiing cloth and please don't forget the protective equipment like ski gloves, good quality ski goggles, (ladies should use the best ladies ski goggles), and other equipment.
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