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Where should I go to ski in winter season?

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2019-10-24 13:58:47
Where should I go to ski in winter season?
Not all travellers rejoice at the spring thaw. For the skiers and the snowboarders, springtime heralds long months deprived of mountaintop thrills, scowling at the sun when cherished skiing gear gathers dust. But where should I go to ski and how to find the excellent place to enjoy ourselves?

We can go to USA. Skiers and boarders discuss Utah’s voluminous powder snow in the rapt whispers. Skiers will revel in the breathtaking views around Alta, while the top pick for snowboarders is vast snowbird. 

Also we can go to Japan.Being literally just outside of Hokkaido’s biggest city, Sapporo Teine holds something unique over most other ski resorts in Japan. And head to the Highland Zone at the top and you’ll not only be able to gaze on the white mountains surrounding you, but look down and you’ll see the urban patchwork of Sapporo along with the endless blue of Ishikari Bay. This place does fill up quick on the weekends so try to come during weekdays if you can.

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