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What do we need to pay attention when diving

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Update time : 2019-10-31 09:49:08
What do we need to pay attention when diving
Snorkeling is more than just floating on the surface of the water. It involves techniques such as floating, diving, ascending, draining, ventilation, breathing, rescue and equipment selection.

The basic steps of snorkeling: 1. The diver who leads the team will introduce the basic equipment of snorkeling and how to use it. 2. The leader will lead the participants into the water in a suitable way. 3. In places where the water is shallow and calm, teach things like snorkeling, kicking, keeping your distance, and even "scythe" dives.

Snorkeling equipment should be provided: snorkel goggles and mask, snorkel fins, BCD, ect.

Suitable snorkeling places tend to be in the tropics, the sun is strong, the sea is not blocked, snorkeling and most of the time floating in the water, very easy to sunburn, if you can, as far as possible to rent rubber diving suit, sunscreen, warm, protective, but also with buoyancy.

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