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Why the new skier need to wear ski goggles?

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Update time : 2020-03-04 15:33:28
Why the new skier need to wear ski goggles?
For the new skier, the main purpose of the mirror lens ski goggles or double lens ski goggles is to prevent you from sliding too fast and opening your eyes to the wind, as well as to prevent the sun from too strong to harm your eyes. It will protect your eyes. In fact, not only the new user, but also the skier which have wide experience in skiing, they will also dual lens ski goggles.

The most important role of spherical lens ski goggles is to prevent glare, the coating reduces the harm of ultraviolet and strong light to the eyes, can let you see clearly under the foot of the ski and the surrounding environment, which is very important for ski learning.

The black lens ski goggles is the good goggles which lens can against the strong light. And not just for skiing, but even for snow. The reason is: snow on the sun reflection is very strong, uv easy to burn the eyes or suffer from snow blindness; Slide in the cold wind to eye stimulation injury, easy to tears or open eyes; The mirror fogged up, making movement difficult and even dangerous.

Why some top rated mens ski goggles without the anti- fog function? For example, the red lens ski goggles fog because the temperature inside the men's polarized ski goggles is higher than the outside and formed a temperature difference, the inside of the narrow space snow mirror temperature rise fast, easy to lead to the generation of internal and external temperature difference, relatively easy to fog. In short, the snow mirror protruding from the front of the lens is less likely to fog.
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