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We will love to go skiing

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Author : Moli
Update time : 2021-01-13 16:00:50
The ski resort is full of dangers, and skiing is painful and uncomfortable. But everyone who goes skiing is totally unaware of pain and time.
After countless times of falling and climbing, standing and falling back and forth, when I looked up, I suddenly found that the sun had already set on the edge of the snow-capped mountain on the opposite side;
On the second day after skiing, you realized that you were sore all over your body from the fall, but once you think about yesterday, when the corners of your mouth were still rising,
Congratulations: Now you are loving to skiing. 
The moment we stepped into the snow field, put on the ski equipment I prepared, and got on the cable car. The excitement of expectation and excitement gradually accumulated as the altitude climbed. Standing on a high slope, taking a deep breath and leaping down, the tension and expectations accumulated before are released instantly as the speed increases.

The rustle of snow and snowboard rubbing on the soles of the feet and the sound of the wind whistling in the ears when skiing are all graceful and dynamic notes in the mind of every skier.

When walking freely on the snowy road, everything seems to be left behind, and the fatigue and wind dust of running around for life are also left behind.

People who have studied skiing seriously will really understand what those people who wear snow suits and drag a large bag of ski equipment insist on. From the beginning of stumbling to driving the steeper and steeper slopes, the advanced process of gradually learning various jumping and turning movements is the most memorable.

Even though the pain and frustration are never absent, when a beautiful arc is drawn in the snow or in the air, the gushing joy is indescribable in any language. A little bit of conquering the slopes and breaking through the sense of self-fulfillment is one of the reasons why skiing is so funny.

Of course, there are some people who do not pursue professionalism, gallop, and fancy so much, but come to the ski resort with a "play" mentality. In the white snow, they don’t have to take out their phones to reply to various tedious work messages because of the cold.

At this time, good skating and bad skating are not so important anymore.

But when we skiing, please pay more attention to protect ourselves. Wear the xl snowboard helmet, snow goggles over glasses, ski cloth will be very important for us.
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