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The safety rules for skiing

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Update time : 2019-04-10 17:55:33
The safety rules for skiing
Tourist and skiing is a meaningful leisure sport activity, through the forest sea snow, in the city to see the white land lined up to march, the experience from the hillside when the rapid descent of the feeling like lightning, it is so fun. But please remember some rules for skiing.

A. Before you go to the ski resort, you should know the general situation of the ski resort, and please remember the distribution positions of the ski resort facilities on the map, recognized the warning signs, and strictly comply with the safety management rules of the ski resort.

B. Please pay more attention to the safety and reliability of skiing equipment and routes. The skis and poles should be well checked in advance, including whether there is a crack, whether the fastener is firmly connected, whether the attachment is complete, etc. It is better to bring spare board, spare staff and repair tools, in unfamiliar snow areas should use a guide.

C. For the beginners, please remember to wear the large ski goggles, blue ski helmet and other ski suits. Choose the best color for ski goggles and oversized ski goggles. The user must buy the ski goggles with anti-fog lens. Actually, there are many coating lens for ski goggles which you can use in different weather,: blue mirrored ski goggles, black mirrored ski goggles, white mirrored ski goggles and pink mirrored ski goggles, ect. During the training, you should follow the arrangement and command of the coach and the staff of the snow field. You should not go skiing in the snow area with high technical requirements without permission before reaching a certain standard, so as to avoid accidents.
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