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Update time : 2022-02-18 16:52:42
In the Beijing Winter Olympics freestyle skiing U-shaped field skills final that just concluded this morning, Chinese athlete Gu Ailing won the gold medal, which is also her second gold medal at this Winter Olympics.

Skiing is the most exciting thing in winter. It adds fun to us in the cold weather. However, what precautions should we pay attention to in winter skiing? Let's take a look at it together.

Winter brings us not only the cold, it puts silver on our earth, and also puts wings on our hearts to fly. When we are clear in the pleasure of flying, we will no longer complain that this winter is too cold. grow slowly.

1.Prepare before skiing

Before skiing, you should bring an extra pair of clean socks, some high-calorie food (chocolate), a water bottle that can be kept warm (with hot water inside), and of course don't wear sunglasses. There are special protective glasses, but the clothes should be warm. It can't be too bulky, or you're not going to ski, you're going to ski yourself.

2. Choose the right weather

Winter skiing weather is very important, you should choose a good time to play according to recent weather changes, pay attention to the weather forecast, and it is best to avoid windy days.

3. Clothes and hats can not make do

Friends who like skiing are generally equipped with very professional ski suits. If you only play occasionally, you can choose to rent ski clothing. Skiing has certain requirements on clothing. The top should be loose to facilitate the sliding action when sliding; the cuffs and trousers should be narrowed and have adjustable elastic function, which can effectively prevent snow from entering; the neckline should be an upright high-neck opening to prevent the entry of cold air. It is best to use a pullover type ski cap, which only exposes the front half of the face, which can prevent the cold wind from damaging the face, which is especially important for women. The color of the clothes should be bright or with a large contrast with the snow surface, so that other skiers can easily identify themselves, so as to avoid collision in time, and wear cotton underwear with strong sweat-absorbing function.

4. Rose ski goggles are essential

Due to the strong reflection of sunlight on the snow and the stimulation of the eyes from the cold wind during sliding, it is necessary to have a pair of suitable glasses to protect the eyes. Fully enclosed types of ski goggles should be choosed, and at the same time, there should be a vent made of breathable sponge on the outer frame, so that the hot air discharged from the facial skin can be dissipated to the outside of the mirror to ensure that the mirror surface has a good visual effect. When choosing Categoty 1 ski goggles, skiers who wear glasses should choose best cheap snowboard goggles
with a thicker frame so that they can completely cover their eyes.

5. Pay attention to sunscreen and antifreeze

Due to the stimulation of the cold wind on the skin and the burn of the skin by the strong ultraviolet rays on the snow surface, you can choose some oily skin care products with the function of preventing water loss, and then apply a sunscreen with better UV protection effect on the skin. In winter, frostbite occurs mainly on the hands, feet, ears and other parts, so cashmere products or chemical fiber products with better thermal insulation effect should be used to keep these parts warm.

6. Bring high-energy food

Once skiers indulge in the fun of skiing, they often forget to eat. Therefore, they should carry some high-energy portable foods, such as beef jerky and chocolate. For skiing, which requires an adequate calorie supply, it is good to eat more.

7.Learn about the conditions of the ski slopes

On the slopes, you should carefully understand the height, width, length, slope, and direction of the pistes. Since alpine skiing is a high-speed sport, it seems that far away places are in front of you in a blink of an eye. If skiers do not know the conditions of the ski slopes in advance, they will not have time to respond if there is an accident during the skiing, so this is especially important for beginners.
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