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The reasons that we should wear the ski goggles

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Author : Cathy
Update time : 2020-12-12 16:05:06
anti glare ski goggles

The winter is coming, and the skiing is one of the best sports we love. And not all the skiers is experienced skiers. Some skiers, they are the new skiers. So The protected equipment is important for us. Today I want to talk about the snowboard goggles
The ski goggles are an important piece of kit and they help to protect you from the cold weather, snow blindness, and the UV damage. Also it can allow you to see better in all different weather conditions from bright sun to the heavy cloud.
The functions of the ski goggles:

A. Keep you warm
Ski goggles has good heat insulation function which make your face against the extremely cold and it can provide a shield for the oncoming frigid air.And goggles do have vent hole to prevent fogging – the foam on the frame and large area of lens, to block the wind and snow from reaching your eyes. That is the :keep warm function”. The insulation gap that between your face and the outside environment can keep your face & eyes get more comfortable temperature. If skiing without goggles, the movement of the wind and outside air will cause your eyes to water. Then the snow will collect your eyelashes and hit the eyes, reducing your visibility significantly. This is not good for us.

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B. Different lens of anti glare ski goggles can be used in different weather
When we climb the mountain, we not only need the glare to be reduced, but also need changed the contrast so you can you can see dips in the slope before you ski on it. The special goggles can enhance what you see and provide a better contrast between objects and shadows. Different color coating lens can improve your contrast in different conditions. If there is good weather, you can wear the ski goggles with yellow or orange lenses, that works would be great. If there is cloudy or overcast weather, you can wear the ski goggles with brown or rose, that will be better. If there is sunny weather, grey lens works well in sunny weather. Grey is very light work well  in all opposite conditions. The strength of the tint in the above examples can make it more or less suitable to different conditions. And some men's and women's photochromic ski goggles, it can change the lens color according to the weather.
C. The UV protection
Actually, the good quality ski goggles can provide 100% protection from harmful UV & UVB rays, across the entire ultraviolet spectrum. And too much exposure to high-intensity UV light can cause the damage to your eyes.
Light exposure is increased at high-altitude and the presence of snow magnifies the potency of the sun, and its potential to cause temporary blindness. When we wearing ski goggles, that means you can ski for as many days as you wish without risk of snow blindness or long-term damage like cataracts or other eye diseases. So now, we need to choose the can be use day and night ski goggles. 

D.You will feel safe
Wholesale ski goggles can protect you from hurting or damaging when your eyes during a collision. This is important. Although the goggles are not a force field, the extra bit of protection from the lens is more effective than wearing just sunglasses. In fact, not only is there a better area of your face protected which is best anti fog otg ski goggles, but the foam padding around the edges provides better and more warm protection.

So, choose the ski goggles which suitable for you is important.

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