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The lens of the ski goggles

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Author : Joe
Update time : 2019-09-24 16:19:13
Magnetic snow goggles are the goggles which worn in the snow resort and snow environment. The function of magnetic ski goggles is windproof snow, anti - fog, anti - impact, 100% uv filter. It is often heard that some people do not wear snow glasses, walking in the snow for a long time, eyes painful, this is snow blindness. It is UVB radiation that causes corneal damage. The PC enses are so resistant to impact that they don't shatter or explode if they hit the ground. The TPU frame has the same excellent impact resistance and protects the eyes in all directions. Compared with the single-layer lens design, the double-layer lens can effectively prevent fogging due to the heat insulation effect, and the inner layer usually has anti-fogging coating, which has double anti-fogging protection. In addition, the snow mirror's air hole can ensure a better ventilation effect, rapid discharge of water vapor, further anti-fog.
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