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The Lens of the Ski Goggles

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Update time : 2019-09-24 16:19:13
For the ski goggles, the lens the core technology. There many kinds of lens about the low visibility ski goggles, such as grey plain lens, yellow plain lens, REVO lens, full REVO lens and even all black ski goggles lenses. The sun's reflection light on snow is brighter and more intense. Also the wind can make your eyes tear and blur your vision. Ice particles can get into your eyes, also twigs and branches when you’re dropping through the trees. Ski goggles and snowboard goggles can help protect your eyes from these damage, not only the damage of the light, but also the damge when you fall down.

The TPU materials has the same excellent impact resistance, it is soft, so it is suitable to be used as the frame of the ski goggles . Compared with the single-layer lens design, the double-layer lens can effectively prevent fogging due to the heat insulation effect, and usually the lens with anti-fog coating, so even we halitus to the innter lens. In addition, the air hole of the green ski goggles can ensure a better ventilation effect, rapid discharge of water vapor.

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