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The base equipment for ski

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Update time : 2020-01-08 15:53:39
The base equipment for ski
What we need to do before skiing is choose the base equipment, to protect ourselves. 

--1. The ski goggles. The ski goggles is important because the largest role is prevent glare from snow. If you just wear the clear lens ski goggles, it is not good enough to protect your eyes. If you play in the snow for long time, the snow blindness will terribly hit your eyes. Most of the begginners don't like to wear the ski goggles and once they finish skiing, they will find why I can not see anything clearly, this is we call snow blindness.

So, after all, how to choose the ski goggles? Firstly, you can check the VLT ( Visible light transmission) of the lens. If you ski in the cloudy day or at night, you can choose the S0 or S1 ski goggles, in the sunny day, you can wear the ski goggles with S2 or S3, The S2 or S3 lens with different colors, pink lens ski goggles, yellow lens ski goggles and grey lens ski goggles.

Maybe someone will ask, If I will spend the whole day in the ski resort, if there is sunny day in the morning, but in the afternoon, there is the terrible weather, what should I do with my ski goggles.. You can buy the ski goggles with photochromic lenses. But this kind of goggles will be more expensive.

Also you can buy the lens interchangeable ski goggles, you can interchange the lens in any time. More intriguing is, we can buy the magnetic ski goggles, you can interchange your lens within 5 seconds. It is convenient.

--2. The ski helmet. The snow helmet can not only keep us warm but it is the key equipment to keep our safe. Before you buying the helmet, you must need to check the size: xl or xxl ski helmet, 

--3. The ski gloves. When we skiing, our body will in the low temperature area, the ski gloves with waterproof function is the protector for you. When you ski, the hand need to be hold  the ski pole, so we need to buy the good quality gloves, we need to consider warm, cold, soft, wear - resistant, cut - resistant and other factors. 

--4. Ski cloth. When choosing a ski suit, it is best to choose brightly colored clothes, because this is not only because of the perspective of beauty, but also from the perspective of safety, the bright-coloured ski cloth will let other know immediately in case you are in danger.

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