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It Is Time to Ski

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-12-27 14:01:00
Winter travel-skiing is a very interesting sport in winter, but there are many precautions, especially for first-time skiers.

1. Keep warm. Southerners don’t know the degree of coldness in the North, so it’s best to wear soft winter clothes, gloves, and shoes. This can prevent slipping on the ice and snow field, and is conducive to climbing and walking. At the same time, you should also bring a few more cold-proof clothing for spare.

2. Skin care. Bring some oily balsamic skin care products to prevent rough and chapped skin.

3.Eye protection. Cylindrical ski goggles should be prepared to prevent the sun reflecting off the snow from hurting the eyes. Looking at white things for a long time can easily cause snow blindness, so eye protection is very important!

4.Non-slip. When walking on ice, your knees should be bent slightly and your body's center of gravity should be tilted forward so that it is not easy to fall.

5.No smoking. Mountain climbing and skiing are mostly in the mountains and forests. Therefore, smoking must not be allowed in the wild. It will not be worth the loss if the fire is caused.

6.Prevent altitude sickness. When climbing, there are a very small number of people who have mild altitude sickness, such as shortness of breath, etc. People who feel this way should walk slowly.

Pay special attention to the first skiing:

   1. Snowboard: beginner skiers should generally use shorter skis and lengthen them as their skills improve. The height is about the same as the eyebrow. Before using the skateboard, check whether the retainer on the skateboard works well and whether the detachment strength is adjusted to the proper position.

2. Ski poles: the length should be such that the forearm is vertical to the big arm. Ski goggles: the role of light and wind. Ski suit: To have snow-proof performance, the underwear should be nylon, not cotton.

3. Gloves: Ski gloves should be made of impervious fabric and good warmth. Actually, no matter the gloves, the cleaning ski goggles also be the important part for the skiers.

4. Clothing: underwear, fleece trousers, thick socks, sweaters and trousers, warm clothes, gloves, ski suits, ski hats, ski gloves, etc.

5. Travel supplies: maps, ID cards, watches, train timetables, address books, notebooks, pens, train tickets, etc.

Ski considerations

1. Know the length, width, height, slope and direction of the slope before skiing, so as not to be caught off guard if there is an accident during the skiing.

2. Choose ski trails according to your own level, and don't overestimate yourself.

3. To understand the climatic characteristics and weather conditions of the snow field, pay attention to sudden changes in weather.

4. When skiing, you should not stop under a steep slope halfway through, but stop on the edge of a slower piste, and pay attention to the skiers who slide down.

5. It is very difficult for beginners to climb mountains with snowshoes and snowboards. At present, all ski resorts in Harbin have special equipment to take people uphill. The equipment is usually located on the right side of the ski resort. The traction ropeway can pull tourists from the mountain to the mountain. Do not grab the towing hook with your hands when pulling up. The towing hook should be clamped between your legs, because the traction ropeway drags people up the mountain with the help of the power of the person’s legs, not The strength of the upper body. If you accidentally fall down during towing, don’t panic. After making sure that your body is out of the towing hook, arrange your ski gear. You can climb up the hill on your own or slide down here.

The problem that is more likely to occur during the first skiing is the uneven force of the cane, which leads to the deviation of the trajectory of the skiing. At this point, visitors can adjust by themselves during the downhill process. For beginners, it is not suitable to directly swing and squat, because this will speed up the sliding speed and lose balance. As long as you keep your body straight, your ankles are close to the upper of the shoe in front, so that the center of gravity of your body moves with your upper body. So please wear the clear lens snowboard goggles and cloth and other protection equipment when you skiing.
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