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Ski In the Winter

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Update time : 2020-03-10 15:32:08
Ski In the Winter
Skiing is the excellent sport which we can enjoy in the winter. But for us, we need to keep us safe when we skiing. 

1. We should know more about the height, width, length, slope and direction of the trail.  Because the skiing is the sport which moving at high speed, so we must keep  safe when skiing. such as wear the orange lens ski goggles, if the weather is bad, in the meanwhile, you need to wear the best polarized ski goggles. And there are men's polarized ski goggles and women's polarized ski goggles, both photochromic polarized ski goggles can protect your eyes very well, it will protect your eyes and they won't be damaged.

2. You need to choose according to their own level for your ski runs, must not overestimate their own level and rushed, to step by step, it is better that you hire a ski instructor. 

3. In the skiing if the situation is unknown, or feel the ski equipment is abnormal, you need to stop, it might be dangerous.

After repeated practice, the two skis can be made to slide in parallel at a reduced speed, turning into a plow type turn. When beginners start skiing, they will feel very tired, which is mainly caused by poor balance and body tension,  If you learn that well, you will feel it is the excellent sport.
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