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Ski in Austria

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Update time : 2019-10-15 14:20:48
Ski in Austria
Winter is coming, some place are getting cold, in the winter, if we want to do some sports but it is cold outside, what we should do? Ski is a good choice for us. When I mentioned ski, Europe will come up from my mind, yes, Europe is excellent place to ski! So today, we will talk about one on the amazing country which ski so well in Europe:  Austria. And compared to France and Switzerland, skiing in Austria will be relatively cheap and the facilities, the ski resort is not inferior. Most snow resorts in Austria are concentrated in Salzburg area. There are some famous ski resorts, such as: Kitzbuhel, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Zell am See- Kaprun. But today I want to talk about this area: Zell am See.

It's about one hour's drive from salzburg and about three hours from Germany. There are three snow resorts here: Schmittenhohe、Kapurn Kitzsteinhorn. At the station at the foot of the mountain, you can find many shops of intersport, where you can rent skis and boots. The price is about 200 euros for 7 days, and every extra day should be more than 10 euros. There are plenty of other shops in town that can rent snow gear, but intersport is highly recommended because it's cheap and free. You may need to bring your own wholesale snow helmet, magnetic snow goggles, ski suit and ski pants. 

I think for beginners to attend the ski school. There will be special ski coaches for teaching. Usually three to five days of

teaching is enough for students to walk freely on the ski track. It's easy to hurt yourself and others if you don't learn at all. Even at ordinary times on the snow trail also want to always pay attention to before and after people, especially the ramptious children.

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