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Ski goggles VS motocross goggles

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Update time : 2019-06-12 09:58:35
Ski goggles VS motocross goggles

The biggest difference between youth motorcycle goggles and transition lens ski goggles is the no fog ski goggles are better ventilated to prevent fogging in the cold temps. It was told by some specialists that the difference between the ski and racing version are the lenses. Some non fog ski goggles has ventilation holes in the lens, backed with foam, to allow more air and prevent fogging. They usually have tinted or polarized lenses as well, for the different glare of snow. Or there can not be enough difference to not wear them on a bike. Even though the frame looks taller, I was told it's the lenses, and they can be swapped out between snow and mx racing goggles.

Pink mx goggles have a touch more ventalation in some models and then most have a single lens vs the double layers lens that clear ski goggles take.

Reflective motocross goggles don't have to be as refined as snowboard ones. If you're boarding, it's absolutely necessary to have dual lens. For racing, not so much. Nice but not necessary. 

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