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Choosing the Safety Equipment for Yourselves

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Author : Eric Lin
Update time : 2021-05-12 15:41:59
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Choosing the Safety Equipment for Yourselves

The Motorcycle racing is an excellent safety sport because we will wearing the high standard of motocross safety equipment and clothing. But the standards are changing all the time so you need to keep up to date. Choose the different but suitable equipment is important for us.

1. Motorcycle Helmet

The approved helmet and visor is necessary. And approved motorcycle racing helmets are marked with the high quality materials. The helmet must fit very well with our head and be properly fastened or we will feel uncomfortable.  Please remember, never buy the second hand motorcycle helmet because of the insecurity factors. Visors should have the latest and highest BSI kitemark stamp. Use a damaged helmet or visor is the unadvisable choice.  We need to choose the best helmet for our own safety.

2. Motorcycle goggles

Also, the tear off goggles motocross is important. Usually, we wear the clear riding glasses motorcycle with motorcycle helmet. When riding in the rain, hail, bugs or cold weather, visors cannot be beaten. On hot weather days, anything but protective womens riding glasses will have you suffering, unless you’re really moving fast on a consistent basis. The best atv riding glasses generally have more features than helmet with visor, and now, many motocross goggles mirror lens with interchanged lens function. The user can interchange the lens by themselves even the lenses are broken. But maybe the user need to spend some times to change the lenses. Also, we should take into account the problem of stacking lenses, one in front of the other.

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3. Motorcycle Gloves

Wear a pair of good quality leather gloves is important for us. They may contain another material that the maker’s claim offers additional and essential protection. Selecting a pair of the  best gloves that fit well and offer good feel.  You are riding a motorbike and loose flapping gloves that are too thick will not help with your motorbike control.

4. Motorcycle Boots

Wear a good quality leather motorcycle boots made from approved substitute materials is important. They boots must be at least 200mm high. When in use there must be no exposed skin between on the top of the boot and at the bottom of the suit leg. There’s a massive range of boots available. Buy a pair that are easy to use while riding.

5. The racing suit

Someone will ask: Why Do I Need a Racing Suit? The primary purpose of a racing suit is fire protection. In a sport where volatile, flammable liquids and high speeds come together, you need something that ensures the protection. Compared to a little flame retardant fabric materials, your skin is far more precious. Another important reason is why you need racing overalls is that almost every racing facility requires drivers to wear them.

The racing suit design are often intertwined. For that reason, it’s important to know your sanctioning body’s wearing requirement.

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