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The Motorcycle Goggles and Motorcycle Helmet

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-11-19 14:41:53
Motorcycle cross-country is exciting and passionate, and it is speed, but the more speed it hurts the eyes, let the MX goggles to protect your eyes. Aerodynamic design, the exterior is made of tin-plated steel material to prevent wind and sand from entering the inside of it; equipped with elastic straps, high elasticity and not tight, adapt to different head shapes; enjoy the fun of riding.

In cross-country competitions, equipment is often more important than strength.Contestants with sufficient experience, We all know that in a game,Good sports equipment allows players to better exert their strength in the game. And a good pair of professional ATV goggles, will be an indispensable off-road equipment!

The eyes are an important organ in the human senses. It is very important to choose professional motocross goggles. It will be designed according to ergonomics. It is comfortable to wear, has good toughness, can be folded in half and is not easy to be damaged. The adjustment strap can be adjusted according to the head shape

I believe that no knight who loves motorcycles can resist the charm of the glasses. Even for some retro knights, they will think they are more important than helmets. For them, they don’t need to wear a leather jacket to dress up like a heavy metal rock musician in cyberpunk style, but they must wear the goggles mx, otherwise, how can they bring out the wildness of chasing wind and freedom?

Motorcycles are not only a means of transportation, but also synonymous with romance and passion for many motorcycle friends. Ride on your beloved motorcycle, carry your sweetheart, cross the mountains and woods, watch the stars, sun and moon together; or get on the big locomotive alone, galloping away on the road, feeling the contest between speed and wind.

And also, the motorcycle helmet is important, too.

The smooth hemispherical shape of the safety helmet can disperse and absorb the impact. In the process of deformation due to impact, the helmet can also absorb part of the energy, and the cushion in the safety helmet can also play a buffering role, which greatly reduces the degree of injury to the driver and passengers. At the same time, relevant research results show that when an accident occurs, riding helmets can absorb most of the impact force, play a protective role in buffering and shock absorption, and can reduce the proportion of injured persons by 70% and the mortality rate by 40%. Without helmets The head injury rate is 2.5 times that of wearing a helmet, and fatal injuries without a helmet are 1.5 times that of wearing a helmet. For electric bicycle drivers, a helmet is equivalent to a seat belt wear by a car driver. It is when the rider is in danger. The last line of defense.
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