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Let's Go Cycling!

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Author : Lily
Update time : 2021-09-08 14:52:59
Cycling is a good sport and leisure, but because it is outdoors, down, and has a certain speed, we must understand how to protect our eyes and avoid sports injuries. Sunlight: This includes strong light and direct shooting, so that the eyes will not affect the safety of driving; the reflection of the shiny lens will also affect the line of sight. Direct damage.
The wind on the eyes is very lively when the speed is blowing. In addition to the difficulty of keeping the eyes open, it will also make the eyes live longer. The vision will also be affected. In addition, if the time is short and longer, the birth epidermis will be produced, so that even if it stops, the pain will continue.

Sometimes the first direct impact is blocked, but other liquids such as sweat or rain will still flow into the eyes with impurities and cause irritation. Because the conjunctiva itself is a mucous membrane without keratin, it is more sensitive than the skin. Some people with allergies will begin to have allergic conjunctivitis, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe such as dryness, itching, severe tingling, and continuous tearing.

Let’s talk about what should be considered when choosing the best clear cycling glasses.

A. Structural strength: Sometimes larger stones or insects may hit the best cheap cycling glasses. If the speed is fast, the strength is very important at this time. In clinical practice, we have seen many windproof cycling glasses break and cause irreversible damage. Because the cornea (the transparent layer outside the black eyeball), its characteristic is that if the wound is deeper, it cannot be completely recovered and will leave scars. Therefore, if the quality was poor, it can cause more damage than stones.

B. Covering degree: sunlight and wind are in all directions, if the covering is not good enough, there will be some blind spots. Therefore, the two sides should be covered well, as well as the whole from the cheeks to the eyebrows.

C. Air permeability: Although we hope to prevent all external damage, if the heat inside is not allowed to radiate, it will not work to produce mist instead.

D. Fixed degree: No matter how good the clear lens cycling glasses are, it is useless if they fall off, so stability on the face is also necessary.

E. Polarization: For this function, many people will confuse the color of the lens, and the two have different meanings. Just like water waves, light has directionality. The polarizer can filter the chaotic clutter generated by the reflection of the sun on the object, such as the glare reflected on the road.

F. Lens color: There are several purposes for adding color to the lens. The first is to reduce the brightness of the light, so the darker the color, the darker the light becomes. The second is to enhance the contrast to make signs or certain objects more obvious. This is related to the color, and there are suitable colors in different environments. Of course, the third is also for beauty and fashion sense.
Same as choosing clothes and shoes, the size of the glasses is very important. Actually try them on, or choose according to the size of the head circumference, eye width and the length of the temples. Try not to the glasses that are more than 1cm larger than your head circumference. The gap between the two sides of the part and the frame is within 5mm, which is a more suitable size. It is are too large will have poor stability when worn, which will affect the functionality.
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