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What Is REVO Lens, Full REVO Lens and Fake REVO Lens of Ski Goggles?

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2019-11-26 11:09:11
What Is REVO Lens, Full REVO Lens and Fake REVO Lens of Ski Goggles?
Winter is coming now! Some people love to ski in the winter, including me. But we need to know, we need to protect ourselves and keep us play in a safety area. So please remember wear the ski goggles, ski helmet, ski cloth and so on. 
I talked to some skiers, when they choose the ski goggles, they will find that the specification shows this goggles style is REVO style or full REVO blue, red, green... The colors of the goggles seems similar but the price is different. And I want to share some details abou the lens of goggles.

When we see a full REVO coating lens, we will find that no matter which side, you will see the same lens color, blue, green, red...Every side was the same color.

But REVO coating lens is different. The REVO color is mainly concentrated in the middle side, The edge side of the lens will be variegated, so if you check from the front side, you will see there is not the same colors about the middle side and edge side.

And what is the fake REVO coating lens? The fake REVO color will more dark, not bright color like REVO coating lens or full REVO coating lens.

And also, about the VLT ( Visible Light Transmisson), if it is based on the same plain lens (such as yellow pain lens, grey pain lens, pink lens or even rose plain lens), then the VLT of different kinds of REVO lens just little diferent, usually, they will have same CAT.

Also, the customers can choose the augmented reality ski goggles, the augmented reality lens can reduce glare reflection, make clearer vision.

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