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The impact of COVID-19 for the sporting goods industry

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-04-27 17:08:22

The impact of COVID-19 for the sporting goods industry
The impact of the COVID-19 is not only reflected in the event, but also has an impact on the sports industry from worldwide.  Actively cope with and overcome difficulties together to test the wisdom and resilience of practitioners.

Usually, winter is the best season to go skiing. But last year, the best season for the ski industry was destoryed by COVID-19, many ski resort was closed, a sharp drop in revenue for ski operators, they loss the customers for downstream service and equipment suppliers. 

The ski resort was built on the high place of the mountains, the air is clean and it is an individual personal sport. Few campaigns during COVID-19 provided so many benefits. As early of the winter, people who yearn for nature and freedom have embraced the mountains.

But what's the different will be from last year? First of all, you have to choose between weating mask or ski headgear. The masks are the necessities, whenever you lining up or riding a ski lift. However, the problem is, Mask is not the first choice for normal skiing. ( Many people will think like this). Because the  professional attire and accessories such as hard ear ski helmet, best budget snowboard goggles and ski gloves. Controlling lines will become more difficult when renting equipment, eating at a cafe or riding a cable car.

It's rare for a ski lift ride to last more than 15 minutes, and skiing is not a contact sport, so what people need to do is: avoiding crowding and reduce congestion. In some cases, buying tickets online or using electronic vending machines to collect and top up tickets is the only way. 
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