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How to Protect Our Eyes When Cycling

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-10-23 11:15:42
The wind and sand will cause damage to the eyes to a certain extent during riding, because during the riding, the speed of the car is mostly tens of kilometers per hour. At this time, if we expose the kids mx goggles to the outside, the oncoming wind will blow. It is undoubtedly a major damage to the eyes; in addition, if there is wind and sand, the eyes will easily get into the sand. In addition, if the wind blows, if it is not protected, it is easy to cause eye diseases such as trachoma, The eyes are often red and red. Among the many cycling injuries, wind and sand are the most harmful to the eyes besides ultraviolet rays. Can it be windproof?

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The answer is yes. One of the functions of blue motocross goggles is windproof. Therefore, they are generally designed to fit the shape of the face and have a certain windproof effect. In addition, there are riding equipment with integrated goggles, which can be used as a riding helmet or equipped. The function of the glasses, this kind of windproof effect is better. A suitable riding goggles is not only windproof, but also dustproof, preventing sand, dust, flying insects, etc. from entering the eyes; the rubber strip on the frame can prevent sweat from flowing into the eyes, which is very practical.

The first step in protecting your eyes is to prevent sandstorms. In the process of riding, the speed of the car is mostly tens of kilometers per hour. If we expose our naked eyes during such a period of time, the oncoming wind will undoubtedly damage our eyes. In addition, if you encounter wind and sand, your eyes will easily get into the sand. In addition, if you do not protect it, you will naturally form trachoma, and your eyes will often become red and red. In order to prevent this situation, if you are riding a motorcycle, you can wear a helmet with a windshield lens to block the wind and sand. If you’re riding a bicycle, it’s better to wear tinted motorcycle goggles that fit your face better.

The second step in eye care is to block the sun's ultraviolet rays and strong sunlight. Outdoors in daylight hours, the dazzling sunlight often makes people unable to open their eyes and it is also difficult to say. This kind of feeling can be felt without saying more. For example, in the dark night, the bright light of art can make people temporarily blind. If it persists, it will cause cataracts in the eyes.

The third step of eye protection is to drop to prevent visual fatigue. We often atv goggles for women in order to block the intense light of the sun, but it also reduce the ambient light while blocking the strong light, which makes it impossible to clearly distinguish the surrounding markers, adds the burden of the eyes, and makes the eyes transition. Severe visual fatigue is formed. Some of them with polarizing effect can compensate for this lack, while blocking the sunlight, it enhances the resolution of surrounding buildings and reduces the visual burden of the eyes.

Must prevent the sweat on the forehead from flowing into the eyes! Human sweat is often weakly acidic. When sweat touches the eyeball, it will not only cause significant discomfort, but also cause certain damage to the eyeball, and sweat can also bring bacteria into the eye.
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