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How to keep your ski goggles new

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Update time : 2019-06-10 09:27:09
How to keep your ski goggles new

As we all know, the lens is the core part for the unique ski goggles, there are many kinds of coating: REVO coating, full REVO coating, mirrored coating, rainbow coating. The lens is your most precious piece of the googles and also the most fragile.

If you need to clean the lens, pleasemake sure that it is dry before you clean and use the soft case that your goggles came in. This is designed to wipe your lens, a microfiber cloth will be perfect. Please don't wipe snow or ice off your lens. This will damage it. Some times, the lens contains microscopic ice crystals that will scratch your lens.

The lens of the prescription ski goggles is different from the lens of the motorcycle goggles. The ski goggles lens is double layers lens with anti fog funciton. And the lens of the motorcycle goggles, is single layer lens with anti fog coating. And some lens interchanged colorful ski goggles will be suitable for us because the lens is easy to replace, and even the user can buy the magnetic function goggles, it is high technology. Keep the lens of ski goggles well is important for us.

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new. polarised ski gogglesSkiing is the one of the best sports which you can enjoy yourlves in the winter. In many countries, people will go to ski in the vocation. There are some important equipments that you need to prepare befor you go skiing. Such as ski cloth, ski pole, snowboard, ski helmet and ski goggles. And today, Let's talk about how to keep the
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