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How to keep safe on the slope?

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Author : Mara
Update time : 2021-07-02 14:28:15
How to keep safe on the slope?
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Nowadays, in the winter, more and more people will go skiing to enjoy their happy hour.  But please remember to keep yourselves safe when skiing. The skiing is seen as the ultimate winter sport – and for good reason too. I think not so many sports can match the speed, agility, and enthusiastic like of skiing. Few other sports combine amazing scene with exciting us, and some of us will pitch down the side of a mountain at more than 40 mph, the wind whistling through your helmet and pink snowboard goggles as you go.

But as we all know that all the sports especially the skiing. The skiing will be risky. If the correct precautions can not be taken, that will be more dangerous. The speed of skiing combined with the mountainous landform mean that is a sport that demands to be taken seriously if accidents are to be avoided. That’s why today I want to share some ideas and stay safe next time you hit the slopes.

There are some tips about keeping the ski safety:

1. Remember wear the helmet. Wearing protective head gear w skiing makes good sense. The most important tip for all parents and guardians ­is to give a child no choice but to wear a helmet.

2. Prepare for different weather. Wear layers of thick clothes, and wear a helmet liner, or a hat. Wear gloves and mittens. You can bring an extra pair in case the first pair gets wet. That will be suitable for our skiing life. Get proper instruction. If possible, you can learn the ski lessons. You can learn more when you learning in the ski lessons. Even experienced skiers polish up their skills with a lesson now and then.

3. Wear youth snowboard goggles. Wear polarized snowboard goggles that fit appropriate around the helmet. But you can you wear eyeglasses, and buy the orange snowboard goggles that fit comfortably over your eyeglasses and consider the prescription goggles.

4. You need to take a break when you are tired, take a break and rest for a while in the lodge. Or the passion will go away. When you're resting, please make sure you eat and drink enough. Skiing will burn many energy.  When it's the end of the day, no need to try and get in the last run, or two, if you are tired. It's better to quit while you're ahead and save your energy in the next time.

5. Do exercise keys and your own intensity. Incorrectly adjusted ski bindings account for many leg and knee injuries. Don’t be tempted to lie about the first three when getting them fitted, and know your own weight in kilos and pounds.

6. Watch out for ice In hard-packed snow, it is essential your skis are properly tuned and edges sharpened by a shop technician unless you’re particularly handy at doing it yourself. The passage of skiers and snowboarders can scrape the soft snow from lower slopes,  especially those served by artificial snow cannons,  leaving large patches of ice. That will be important.

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