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How to choose the ski equipment?

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Update time : 2019-10-06 10:07:54
Skiing equipment mainly consists of skis, poles, boots, various fixers, ski wax, ski outfit, helmet, colored mirror, windshield and so on. Ski resorts usually have equipment to rent, the average tourist had better rent. Here are some tips for choosing ski equipment.

1.Snowboard. The cent that average snowboard has woodiness, glass fiber and metal, woodiness is light and cheap, but be affected with damp easily deformation, reason is used before should daub special grease, make not easy stick snow and prevent snow water to immerse. Fiberglass skis are good for any type of snow, but they cost more. Aluminium alloy metal skis are light and dry on deep snow and ice, easy to turn around, the price is higher. There are currently skis made of a mixture of these three materials, which are most popular with skiers.

2.Ski poles. Snow rod for short, its role is to help slide and maintain the balance of the body. The longest is not less than shoulder, and the shortest is not less than shoulder. Can be put through the leather bracelet, holding the staff wave to call the hand

3. Ski outfit. Should be warm, snow proof, comfortable fit, do not hinder movement and minimize wind resistance as the principle. Although the quality of professional ski outfit is excellent, but the price is expensive, so generally only need to buy practical ordinary clothing can be ok.

4.Snow goggles. Because the sunlight reflects strongly on the snow, you must wear colored glasses to protect your eyes. The frame is safer with plastic products; The lens color is yellow.

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