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How to Choose the Color of Ski Goggles

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Update time : 2021-12-13 16:47:36
Grey ski goggles don’t just make you look cooler, it’s important to give you more comprehensive protection and make you more comfortable when skiing.

When skiing, the sun reflects a lot on the snow, and the cold wind during skiing is very irritating to the eyes. It is necessary that protect our eyes and avoid snow blindness. It can also help you improve the contrast between the slope and the scenery, improve your visual resolution, and make it safer to ski on the snow.

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Why wearing the unique ski goggles can protect your eyes?

1.The air on the mountain is thin, and the weakening effect of ultraviolet light is low, and ultraviolet radiation is more intense. You know, even in cloudy or cloudy weather, the ultraviolet rays refracted in the snow are still very strong.

2.Snow reflects the sunlight more strongly, making the sunlight brighter and dazzling

3.The wind in the mountains can irritate the eyes, causing the eyes to shed tears and feel irritation.

4.When sliding down at a high speed, small snowflakes or ice crystals will also enter the eyes with the wind, and the eyes are more likely to invade foreign objects; and when skiing through the woods, the branches can easily hit your eyes.

In addition, the subdivision of the color of the snow mirror lens, one refers to the base color of the lens material, and the other refers to the color of the coating. Generally, the colors of lens substrates are mostly warm colors, and the colors of the coatings are mostly cool colors. There are also some who use warm color coatings, which are more for the purpose of good-looking and have side effects from a visual point of view.

Among all ski accessories, the female ski goggles are one of the most important, because they will seriously affect your visibility on the slopes. The lenses are available in various colors, from blue, green, pink, yellow, gold, black or even metallic silver.

Although some ski lenses work best under flat light, others are suitable for bright blue birds. If you are not sure where to start, please download the ski lens color guide, including what is suitable for dark and sunny days.

Clear lens are suitable for extremely low light conditions, and clear lens are required for night skiing. Although clear ski lenses will not affect the tone or sense of depth, they are very important to protect your eyes from harsh environments. In addition, on dark days, you can wear clear category 3 ski goggles with UV protection to protect your eyes from UV rays.
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