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How important is black sport sunglasses to us

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Author : mara
Update time : 2020-07-15 09:34:01
The eye is the window of the human soul and the first way to receive outside information during outdoor riding. At the same time, it is also very fragile and vulnerable to sunlight, wind and sand! When riding outdoors, it is inevitable that the eyes will be exposed to long-term exposure to various unexpected injuries. So be sure to take care of your eyes while cycling outdoors. Especially in summer, the sun is more intense.

In addition to the role shared by general men's polarized sport sunglasses, kids sport sunglasses' outdoor blocking effect of ultraviolet radiation deserves special attention. Most cyclists ride on roads, and when the sun shines during the day, roads reflect sunlight better than mud or grass. Due to the different riding postures and habits of cyclists and the general public, cyclists have more time to look directly at the road than cyclists. If you don’t wear glasses, the eyes of the rider will receive too much ultraviolet reflection, and long-term absorption of ultraviolet rays in the eyes will cause cataracts.
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