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Go Skiing is Funny

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Author : Judy
Update time : 2022-04-11 17:07:01
Under the blue sky and white clouds, wearing bright ski suits and dashing sunglasses, posing in a dynamic pose, sliding down the mountain at a high speed, the cold wind whizzing in the ears, the white snow sparkling in the sun, refreshing Air, happy laughter; the body is flying on the snowy mountains, and the mood is also flying in the sun; forgetting the pain, forgetting the troubles, even forgetting the fatigue, forgetting the time.

When winter arrives, I always hear some friends who have just learned to ski complain that skiing is very torturous, and the hands and feet are freezing on the snow in the cold weather, which is not enjoyable at all. In fact, skiing is a lot of fun. In addition to the stimulation of speed, as long as you pay attention, you will get a lot of unexpected surprises.

Those who have to take risks in fast skating are just the ones to exercise courage; those who have to be highly nervous in fast skating and cannot tolerate the slightest mistake, then the balance that has been cultivated must stand the test. Only by accelerating can we force people to maximize their potential.

Facing the steep slope, the biggest danger is actually in your heart, which is your cowardice and laziness: you are afraid of falling, because you think you will fall badly, so you dare not make any moves or put your weight on one. On your feet; your movements are deformed and your body is stiff. The more afraid you are, the more you will fall. I fell on a steep slope and forgot how many hands I had; and when I resolutely placed my weight on one foot, turned and braked, I would involuntarily lift my foot on the mountain and parallel my heavy foot during a fast turn. It was all done in an instant, no one taught, no one told it, it was created by the instinct of balance.

For those who really love skiing, they like speed and excitement, the beauty in sliding, or the sense of achievement in conquering nature. Yes, these are all things that can be deeply experienced and learned during the skiing process. When you stand on top of a snow-capped mountain and the flying snow blurs your vision, the distant scenery forms a beautiful painting. When you face the unknown snow road, when you fly down from hesitation to overcome fear, and look back at the whole snow-capped mountain at the bottom of the slope, you will get a sense of satisfaction that you have never had before. When the dazzling sun shines on the white snow and pine trees, you can do whatever you want in an elegant grand maneuver. At this time, the snow field is your dance field.

The process of skiing can also be a process of making friends, making skiing routes with ski lovers, encouraging and helping each other in the face of unfamiliar slides. If it is the opposite sex, it is even more interesting. One after the other, you chase me in the blue sky and white snow. This situation can definitely become a good memory.
Skiing is an exciting and challenging sport. Wearing bright ski suits, dashing sunglasses, dancing in a dynamic posture, the cold wind whizzes in my ears, the white snow glows in the sun, and the fresh air is refreshing. Laughter and screams make you forget time, fatigue, and troubles at this moment. Enjoy your time on the skis. Someone will asks: do i need ski goggles? Acutally, the optical ski goggles and most expensive ski helmet will be important, they will protect our eyes and head. And the ski cloth will keep our body warm.
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