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Go Skiing in the Winter

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Update time : 2021-08-04 10:43:41
Go Skiing in the Winter

Our impression of skiing is "sports". It is a sport that combines speed and passion, adventure and strength.
Skiing is different from conventional sports such as basketball, football, and track and field. It has very high requirements for the environment, so it has also become a seasonal and regional outdoor sport. This "speciality" also makes us admire people who can ski.
If you are here for the first time, you will be amazed, just like when I first visited Sunday River in Maine many years ago. You will find that the sun is so dazzling, the snow is so white, the air is so refreshing, and the various snow outfits people wear are so bright and eye-catching. When you reach the top of the snow-capped mountain and look around, the vast expanse of snow, sea, forest, and thousands of miles, you will suddenly realize: The earth is originally so magnificent and beautiful, but we imprison ourselves on hardwood floors and asphalt roads every day. You really will have a ray of guilt that has been missing from nature for a long time. When you lean down and rush down, choose the snow trail under your feet as you like, and listen to the sound of the wind in your ears, you will have a feeling of flying again, and it seems that you have a fresh experience of the word freedom.

Generally, professional ski resorts in California have equipment for rent, such as ski suits, snow goggles, gloves, snowboards, snow shoes, and snowball fights, so for rookies on a whim, renting may be the best choice. For the first time you should choose a snowboard that is no higher than your height. Professionals will give you advice, and you need to try it on yourself. And many ski resorts have packages, which should contain the main ski tools you need

Ski Helmet:

Many beginners will feel that they don’t need a freestyle ski helmet when they are not skiing fast. In fact, it’s important to protect the head and neck. The outer material of the helmet, the comfort and ventilation of the inside, as well as the presence or absence of eyeglass buckles and other small parts all determine the price of the red snowboard helmet.

Ski Goggles:

Even for beginners, best ski goggles for small faces are one of the priority purchase equipment, which can help you prevent light, wind, and fog, especially to protect your eyes that love the wind and tears. In fact, the color of the lens of womens ski goggles small face is also particular, because the color is directly related to the light transmittance, and the color is also related to the light when skiing. You need to pay attention to these when buying ski goggles price good.

Ski Coat:

You need to buy a coat that is wind-proof, rain-proof and snow-proof. The most important thing for beginners is to choose a thick coat to resist falling. The choice of snow pants is more important. Choose thick, waterproof, wind-proof and tear-proof, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to roll in the snow. There are tightening of the bare feet to prevent the penetration of wind and snow. In addition, once you lose your way while skiing in the mountains, the bright ski suits can let you be discovered by others in time.

Ski Gloves:

To choose a glove with a certain thickness, it is best to have an insulating layer inside. The ski equipment should be adjusted continuously during the skiing process. It is best to choose gloves with five fingers apart and a non-slip layer on the palm to hold the ski poles, and the wrists should be tightened to prevent ventilation.

Snow Boots:

Snow boots consist of a hard outer shell and a soft inner boot inside, and a metal buckle is also required. This will ensure that there is no looseness on both sides of the ankle, and the back of the shoe should also be firm. You need to wear thick socks and retainers to try the size of your snow boots.

Snow board:

There are single board and double board, and there are three kinds of materials: wood, glass fiber, and aluminum alloy. The choice between single board or double board depends on preference. In terms of material, wood is cheap and damp but easily deformed, fiber price is moderate, and aluminum alloy is the best and light. Snowboards have differences in length, hardness, and elasticity. For beginners, it is recommended to buy a cheap beginner board, and then enter a suitable board after the skill is improved.

Finally, a warm reminder: Choose a good time to play according to recent weather changes, pay attention to the weather forecast, and it is best to avoid windy days; Due to the skin irritation caused by the cold wind and the burning of the strong ultraviolet rays on the snow surface, some oily skin care products with the function of preventing water loss can be choosed, and then use a sunscreen with better UV protection effect to apply to the skin.
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