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Enjoy burning off your fat--cycling sport

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2019-10-17 11:21:32
Enjoy burning off your fat--cycling sport

Today we will talk about the cycling sport, why we need to go cycling? Cycling can help you lose weight, same as running, also the cycling is one of the aerobic exercise improve your cardiorespiratory capacity. Technically said, it is means compress blood flow through leg movements, strengthens the microvascular tissue. Simply said, make your geting younger and younger.

When we cycling, pedaling with both feet moving at the same time, but also control the direction of the hand, so that your left and right brain can be exercised, doing exercise reaction ability. Compared with running, cycling does not have too much restriction on weight, 100 kg can be also be ridden. This is why I suggest my friends cycling. Cycling is more about making the muscles and iliopsoas stronger.

And then I want to share some important points about the safety: You need to wear a cycling helmet. You see a lot of tragedies if you don't wear a cycling helmet. And the cycling sunglasses, you need to wear because the sunglasses will protect your eyes then the dust do not make your eyes damage. The traffic rules must be observed, long way national road when the side ride, do not rob the indoor motor vehicle road. 

Riding a bike to travel can better experience each city, I love and I enjoy cycling.

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