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Did you ski in the winter?

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2021-01-08 15:41:03
Did you ski in the winter?

Although there is still one year to go before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, but there are many people "preparing for joining the Winter Olympics". The young people rushed into the ski resort to learn to ski, and quickly experienced the extraordinary pleasure of "speed and passion".

More and more people are long for skiing, people's focus point has gradually shifted from "What is the first experience of skiing?" to "Why is skiing is so funny?"

Under the horn of popular skiing, domestic stars have already rushed to the forefront of winter skiing.

When we skiing, we can see professional athletes showing their curves while skiing in the ice and snow, or we can witness the perfect fusion of femininity and power, man and nature.

When the sun goes down and the skiing is over, we will meet good friends and sit in a nearby restaurant while drinking beer and chatting about the embarrassment of skiing. It’s been a long time since such comfort and happiness.

For ski novice, the universe may end, but there is no fall for skiing. You think that you put on a snowboard, your skills are agile, and you walk like flying. The result is that you are crawling and staggering, and finally you have all your feet upside down, leaving a bruise. In order to cope with the embarrassment, you may have to look up and try to laugh into the air and say: "I'm fine, I'm fine!

But when you skiing, please make sure to protect yourselves. Wear the best women's snowboard helmet and wear the otg snow goggles. The red snowboard helmet will protect our head and polarized snow goggles will protect our eyes.

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The initial sense of accomplishment for ski beginners is to build step by step by working hard to lengthen the interval from one wrestling to the next.

You never know when the next torpedo will appear, let alone know which hapless one will lead to every speeding torpedo in the next second.

When you tremble and finally get up from the snow, a torpedo with a speed of about ten yards per hour rushes towards you in the next second, along with high-frequency sonic attacks, instantly destroying the poor balance you just established.

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