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How will the Covid-19 will effect our sport life

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Update time : 2021-05-20 16:21:55

How will the Covid-19 will effect our sport life
As the Covid-19 pandemic continues more than one year, it changed the different ways in which we always live, we are wondering how this pandemic will affect our future. Many of us that love the mountains, and love sport. That means how skiing will be affected.

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts throughout the country seem to have one thing on their minds when the pandemic started with the outbreak. Our question is: will there be a ski season this winter? Indeed, the uncertainty that has perplex the country over one year can surely spill over into the winter months. For the millions of professional skiers and boarders, the possibility of not able to enjoy their sport is a hard pill to swallow, and ski resorts have been flooded with calls and emails wondering what their status will be come, often the opening day for many ski areas.

According to ski officials the answer,  although it comes with several statement like, yes, there will be a ski season this winter.

But obviously no one can prophesy that what will happen tomorrow, the ski resorts are cautiously optimistic that they will open as their plan, although with a whole new set of guidelines in place.

With the snowflakes already falling at high altitude, and lifts scheduled of skiing opened just weeks from now, many of us are dreaming of mountain escapes, imagining that the first run of the season.
In normal times, the biggest uncertainty in booking ski vacations is whether there will be powder. When the coronavirus (Covid 19) caused resorts to shutter abruptly, it was unclear whether there would even be a ski season this winter. Now the burning question is how safe ski country will be like.
Though the persistent existence uncertainty, many ski resorts report that the business exceeded expectation during their first coronavirus summer or fall season.
Please pay attention, when you ski, please remember to keep yourselves safe. Please remember to wear the orange ski goggles, navy ski helmet and the ski cloth will keep you warm and safe. 

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