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The base performance of ski goggles

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Author : Eric
Update time : 2018-10-18 11:11:44

The base performance of ski goggles

Nowsdays, there are many styles of ski goggles, and they are special and excellent style, but how to choose the best style ski goggles for ourselves? And what are the best ski goggles? It is depended on the budget. I'd like to show you that performance of ski goggles.

1. The anti fog function. The users of ski goggles will find that if the lenses of ski goggles without anti fog function, the innter lens will be created the fog. So choose the best no fog ski goggles will be better. This occurs when the temperature of the inner surface of the lens is lower than the atomization point. And the more water vapor in the snow goggles, the easier to use. The best ski goggles supplier will avoid this situation the fog effect. We are focus on developing the best technology of anti fog.

A. Anti fog coting. There is an anti fog coting with permanent water absorption function on the lenses, it can absorb moisture before the fog is formed.

B. The double layers lenses, a closed layer of air is formed in the middle of the lens to ensure that the air inside the lens is warm and dry.

2.The best definition. When you go down from the snow mountain, you need distinguish the environment around you.

A. Visual distortion. All the materials of lenses will refracted the light, but if you don't take this into account when making snow mirrors, twisting them can cause bad symptoms like dizziness and keep your eyes overworked, leading to permanent damage. Some people choose the best spherical ski goggles because this kind of goggles will have good refraction.

B. Visual contrast. The ability to tell the difference between objects of different colors allows you to tell directions correctly, The gold lens ski goggles and the rose lens ski goggles can be used to enhance visual contrast.

The fog proof ski goggles should provide you with a full range of considerate and facial design. One final note: helmets are used to protect the exposed head. If you intend to wear a helmet, make sure the snow mirror you purchased matches the helmet.

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